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We always have our eye out for talented people to join the Makers team. Feel free to email us your resume and pdf-folio (<5mb) or send a link of your online work to

Frequently Asked

Please, email us with more information about your business and project needs. If you have style references, briefing documents or a funny GIF, do send them along. We will respond with a plan of action or invite you for a call to help set you up for success. The type of job requirements will dictate how we proceed, and if we are indeed a good fit.

We always start by putting ePencil to iPad. Spending time planning and sketching out lots of ideas first, is a foolproof formula for triumph. We start off by doodling quick thumbnail sketches in search of the best possible solutions. After which we would refine the golden options with more detailed sketches.

Before we dive into final execution, we experiment, play and explore various style options to develop something fresh that aligns with your brand’s unique look and feel.

In all we do, we believe in active collaboration; everybody has something special to add to every project to ultimately craft it to its full potential. To ensure everybody stays on track, we keep an open line of regular communication and check-ins with our clients and artists. No surprises here, but lots space for lots of ‘WOW’s.

We wish we had a simple and single price list we could send to you, but each project we engage with is as unique as your business. Thus we quote all work on a project by project basis, taking in account the style, complexity and changes needed. To speed up the process and make it easier to get numbers out to you, we’ve created this online questionnaire to help us figure out the costs together: Let’s Go There

Well, our studio is quite the eclectic bunch! We love working with a wide variety of clients, from hot-shot innovative ad agencies to tiny boutique design studios with big ideas. We especially have a soft spot for SMEs and every entrepreneur who is willing to take risks and pursue their dreams. What’s most important for us is not the size of the business, but the passion and heart behind it. If you value the importance of great design and believe that we can make the world a better place through our collaboration, we are eager to help bring your vision to life.

Our name has a double meaning. Firstly, we believe that we are ultimately ‘The Maker’s’ company, in the hands of the divine Father who is the original Maker of all things. Secondly, we see ourselves as a ‘company of makers’, following our call to collaboratively create things that help make the world a beter place!